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Sectors We Work With

From huge multinational corporations to independent local business, Straightforward Transport Ltd work with businesses across the UK and Europe, offering reliable transport at competitive rates. We work with businesses in a huge range of sectors, some of which a relisted below.

Global Logistic Experts

Any Package, Any Size, Any Sector

Whether you have a pallet of freight or an envelope of paperwork, when you require a shipment to be delivered on time, we will manage it with professionalism and pinpoint accuracy. We have extensive experience in addressing the most stringent handling and security requirements.

Based on our close collaboration with our customers, Straightforward Transport Ltd fully understands the logistics and supply chain management requirements of each organization and knows what it takes to provide service excellence to our customers.

Logistic Services - Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics

Goods are carried to a warehouse, distribution centres, or direct-to-store location so that they can be delivered to retailers as soon as possible. We have specialized teams and a broad selection of solutions to ensure that our products and services comply with quality standards and legislative requirements.

Logistic Services - Automotive


The automotive industry relies on parts and materials that are transported internationally. Fast & reliable logistics is essential to ensuring production times are reduced, finished vehicles and transported safely and the supply chain stays intact.

Logistic Services - Aerospace


We help the aerospace industry transport materials worldwide. This is an industry under severe pressure to increase productivity & increase margins. Using a reliable, cost-effective transportation firm helps them achieve this goal.

Fashion & Textiles

The textile industry is networked globally. The effectiveness of logistics plays a huge role in worldwide pricing. We help advise, plan and carry our cost-effective logistic solutions to companies within the fashion and textile industry.

Logistic Freight Services - Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Over 30% of the world’s oil supply comes from USA & China averaging 34 million barrels daily. Used in energy, food, clothing and many more products and services we use every daily… It’s essential the cargo arrives on time, every time.

Logistic Freight Services - Printing


We assist a range of companies within the printing industry ensuring that their customers receive their products on time. We also keep their internal infrastructure fast, efficient and cost-effective enabling them to provide competitive pricing to their clients.

Logistic Freight Services - Machinery


We regularly assist businesses around the globe transport large machinery from the warehouse they’re manufacturing to their end-users. We ensure transporting large goods is cost-effective with our extensive network of freight forwarders.

Logistic Freight Services - Plastics and Glass

Plastics & Glass

Whether you are a supplier of glass or plastic products or a recycling plant looking to distribute materials from different locations, we can help you. Our team can safely deliver fragile goods worldwide by land, sea or air at a reasonable price.

Logistic Freight Services - Military and Defence

Military & Defence

Our network has the security clearance to move sensitive equipment nationwide and across borders. Our logistical experts have worked with the MOD on multiple occasions due to our reliability and experience when transporting their goods.

Logistic Freight Services - Technology Industry


Supply chain systems that connect production locations with distribution networks across the industry are end-to-end, integrated, and dependable. We help optimize supply chains and meet tighter production timelines, transportation and logistics services.

Why Use Us?

Industry Experts

If you are unsure about the type of transportation you require, our specialists can assist you. It’s possible that you’re considering renting a complete truck or a shipping container.

Learn more about our air, sea, road, and warehousing transportation services. As part of our logistic services, we can also manage your complete supply chain and arrange bespoke transportation for anything out of the ordinary that comes up.

Find solutions that are customised to you. No matter what industry you work in, we can provide the logistics services you require.

Get in touch or call us today for a free quote.

Tracking Services

You will be able to monitor your items on the move in real-time. If you want to check on progress, you will have the ability to do that in seconds.

Dedicated Support

Your Account Manager will be available to contact 24/7, 365 days per year if you meed an urgent update or information on your delivery

Competitive Rates

Due to our large fleet, volume of work and vast network of contacts throughout Europe, we're able to offer excellent value for money.

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“No job is too big or too small for us, from the smallest envelope to the largest load, SFT can provide a full range of logistics solutions suitable for every budget and business type. So whether your item is urgent, fragile, abnormal or time-sensitive, you can rest assured that our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you from the start to ensure that the right solution is in place to meet your individual needs.” 

Leon Grayson